If you are using a LaS based SSP programme and you have purchased any of the decodable poems, fact sheets or riddles matched to Letters and Sounds (LaS) 2007, the chances are you can adjust the order in which you use the texts, so they match your teaching sequence. However, you may find there are a few texts which contain a word or two which you can't match into your teaching sequence. This problem can be easily rectified using the downloadable form below to customise the texts to meet your teaching needs.

The changes you can make include:

  • removing a word
  • changing a word
  • removing the red lower case letters in Phase 2 & early Phase 3 poems
  • changing the colour of a word/part of a word to match any colour coding systems used in your SSP programme
  • removing a picture (only possible if it can be removed by cropping in a straight line)
  • removing a verse (if the corresponding picture can be removed by cropping in a straight line)
  • removing an entire poem if it cannot be edited to match any stage in your SSP programme
  • changing the wording at the bottom of a text, which matches it to a specific week/part of your SSP programme

NB: Please DO NOT send me any information about your SSP programme.

Changes will be made within the existing document structure. The teachers’ notes will also be amended to reflect the changes.

Cost: £15 for amending up to 10 poems, £30 for amending up to 20 etc etc

Once I have received your completed form (download below):

  • I will confirm the price.
  • You can either get your school to email me a purchase order number and I will invoice the school or you can ask me to send you a money request from Paypal, which enables you to pay immediately by credit card.
  • Once you have paid, I will start to make the changes to the texts. Please allow up to a month for this.
  • The amended texts will be emailed to you, one set at a time.

If you want the texts to be re-grouped to make brand new documents which set out the texts in the order in which you would like to use them, there will be an additional charge for this. This will depend on the number of texts which need to change sets and the amount of time it will take to do this. I can provide a quote once I have seen the changes you would like to made.

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